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Celebrity suicide cleanup entails the same methods used for any professional suicide cleanup task. Here's the focus becomes celebrity suicides because of their noteriety. By noting the suicide victim's name and suicide method and place, we have a suicide cleanup problem to focus upon. The celebrity standing of these suicide victims gives us a clear and useful point of focus. More readers will identify with celebrity suicide cleanup for these reasons.

A Los Angeles poet by the name of George Steerling committed suicide November 17, 1926. A friend of H. L. Mencken and Robinson Jeffers, Steerling enjoyed literary discussions. Among those he enjoyed discussing were Jack London, Ambrose Bierce, Mary Austin, and many others.

Like many other suicides among white males, Steerling suffered from alcoholism. After a brief period of sobriety he fell off the wagon and subsequently committed suicide by means unknown to this writer. For the purposes of celebrity suicide cleanup notes, we cannot make any assumptions about Steerling's suicide cleanup company. Suffice it to say that the Los Angeles Coroner probably cheated the victim's family by sending them to a crony suicide cleanup company. Such is the nature of death cleanup in our United States for celebrities and the rest of us.

Following Sterling's death, Jeffers wrote the following that he be

"remembered utterly generous, constraining sorrow,

Like winter sundown, splendid,

Memory to ennoble our nights."

Memory to ennoble our nights."

California has more than its share of celebrity suicides. We must wonder if it's this states glowing lights illuminating the talented or something dark and sinister. Visit homicide cleanup for more information related to suicides.

Here we use puffery, otherwise known as "sponge" by educators. It's not the best subject and content material. It does the job. For these pages it will do in the short-term. Later we'll have first-class readership opportunities.

TAMPA, Fla. -- Tennessee Titans reserve receiver O.J. Murdock has died of an apparent suicide, Tampa police say.

Police spokeswoman Andrea Davis said officers found the 25-year-old Murdock inside his car Monday morning with what appeared to be self-inflicted gunshot wounds. The car was parked in front of Middleton High School, where Murdock attended school.

He was taken to Tampa General Hospital, where he later died.

Murdock did not report to training camp over the weekend because of what the team said at the time was a personal issue.

Tennessee Titans wide receiver O.J. Murdock died in an apparent suicide, according to multiple reports. (AP Photo) "We are shocked and saddened to hear of O.J. Murdock's death this morning," the Titans said in a statement Monday. "In his brief time here, a number of our players, coaches and staff had grown close to O.J., and this is a difficult time for them. He spent the last year battling back from an Achilles injury as he prepared for this year's training camp. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends as they try to cope with this tragedy."

Rivals.com rated Murdock as the 10th-best wide receiver in his senior year. He went on to play four games with his first signed team, South Carolina. Life took a serious downward spiral for Murdock after a shoplifting charge. Apparently, a Florida department store had the young receiver arrested, which lead to a suspension for the rest of the season. Injuries, civil problems, fierce competition all added up to a genuine struggle for life. Some may have suggest that his academic record left this young athlete without critical intellectual skills let alone basic education attainment. Nevertheless, true or not, Murdoch played hard and in the process took his hits, which added up.

Murdock played football with Pearl River Community College. A Mississippi school he later moved onto a Division II college at Fort Hays State in Kansas. As a senior in 2010, he had 60 catches for 1,290 yards and 12 touchdowns. Hardly out of high school, Murdoch's life centered itself on football. His goal and dream throughout the years always meant something special to him, football. He dreamed of playing professional football. Murdock loved he game and spent many hours playing tackle football with anyone or group willing to throw a ball and catch one.

We know that Murdock remained undrafted until last summer. He spent 2011 on the bench because of an injured right Achilles. This injurs occured during training camp before Murdock could regain his strength and fitness.

That earned him an invitation to the NFL Scouting Combine. After going undrafted, he was signed by the Titans last summer but spent the entire 2011 season on injured reserve after hurting his right Achilles early in training camp.

Kenny McKinley of South Caroline died from suicide in 2010. Oddly, Murdock had been a teammate of McKinley's when the two played with the Denver Broncos.

as in the Steerling the above celebrity suicide cleanup above, we have not detailed the type a suicide involved; therefore we cannot comment on which suicide cleanup practices were followed. In this case we might suspect that medical examiners coroner examiner employees for the county passed up this job. We would think that McKinley's resources were limited because of his injuries


Singer - Linda Mcready committed suicide by handgun on February 17, 2013.




Like any other artist, Christina Symanski hoped to match nature in her work. Such efforts sometimes lead to madness, and in Christina’s case,; she chose suicide. Suicide, yes, but not before she underwent 6 years of torment.

She suffered. If she had meant to take her own life that June morning in 2005, nature played a cruel trick on her. Most likely she dove into a shallow New Jersey swimming pool while not thinking she might be hurt. A third vertebra injury occurred. Consequently, she joined the many thousand of American condemned to life as a quadriplegic.

Life for an artist has its joys, triumphs, and challanges. Christina sough all of this, even while paralyzed. She finally threw in the towel. She choose to starve herself.

."I have come to a point in my own life where I’m struggling with the question, ‘Is this life worth living for ME, or am I just prolonging my own suffering?’" is how she explained it on her blog, Life Paralyzed.

She had lost her life as an East Brunswick, N.J. art teacher. She had lost her mobility. She had gained near-total dependence on others. For a woman used to helping others learn her skills and abilities, her art, life lost its meaning. For others the same choice follows. Some sooner, some later, but for many suicide means liberation from a bed, from a wheelchair, from dependence on others.

the famous University professor Jordan notes a sense of dependence on others as one of two major causal factors in suicide. It remains the same for celebrities and therefore the same for celebrities suicide cleanup. The other factor Jordan advises to consider is the sense of not belonging, alienation. These are known facts to suicide cleanup practitioners. We bring these ideas and knowledge to the celebrity suicide cleanup workplace.

Once she decided to end her life, Symanski researched right-to-die laws, and even considered moving to Oregon which allows some physician-assisted suicide, according to the New Jersey Star-Ledger.

She also began communicating with Jeanne Kerwin, the coordinator for Ethics and Palliative Care Services at Overlook Medical Center in Summit, who gave her tips about palliative care and how she could end her suffering.

Some of Kerwin's suggestions included having two psychological evaluations as well as consultations with lawyers and physicians.

"She did everything she could so that the responsibility for whatever happened was hers alone," Kerwin told the Star-Ledger.

But not everyone agreed with Symanski's decision, especially her aunt, Mary Ellen Symanski, the head of the nursing department at Alvernia University in Reading, Pa.

"I was not thrilled with the information she was receiving," said Symanski who privately tried to convince her niece not to end her life.

But once Symanski decided to die by diet, things moved quickly and she passed away on December 1.

She chose cremation, one of the fewest choices she left to her


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Director Tony Scott speaks onstage before the screening of 'Top Gun' during AFI & Walt Disney Pictures' 'A Cinematic Celebration of Jerry Bruckheimer' held at the Mann Chinese 6 on May 17, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. (File photo by Alexandra Wyman/Getty Images for AFI)

LOS ANGELES — Tony Scott, director of such Hollywood hits as "Top Gun," "Days of Thunder" and "Beverly Hills Cop II," died Sunday after jumping from a Los Angeles County bridge, authorities said.

The 68-year-old Scott's death was being investigated as a suicide, Los Angeles County Coroner's Lt. Joe Bale said.

"I can confirm that Tony Scott has passed away. The family asks that their privacy is respected at this time," Scott's spokesman, Simon Halls, said in a statement.

Several people called 911 around 12:35 p.m. to report that someone had jumped from the Vincent Thomas Bridge spanning San Pedro and Terminal Island in Los Angeles Harbor, according to Los Angeles police Lt. Tim Nordquist.

A dive team with Los Angeles Port Police pulled the body from the murky water several hours later, Nordquist said. Scott's body was taken to a dock in Wilmington and turned over to the county coroner's office.

One lane of the eastbound side of the bridge was closed to traffic during the investigation. Cargo vessels moved at reduced speeds through the east side of the port's main channel during the search, said Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman Brian Humphrey.

Investigators found a note in Scott's black Toyota Prius, which was parked on the bridge, according to the Los Angeles Times. That note listed contact information. A suicide note was later found at his office.

The British-born Scott, who lived in Beverly Hills, was producer and director Ridley Scott's younger brother. Distinct visual styles mark both siblings' films – Ridley Scott mastering the creation of entire worlds with such films as "Gladiator," "Blade Runner," "Alien" and this year's "Prometheus," Tony Scott known for hyper-kinetic action and editing on such films as his most recent, the runaway train thriller "Unstoppable," starring regular collaborator Denzel Washington.

Scott was a thrill-seeker himself in his personal life, an avid rock climber who also liked driving fast cars and motorcycles. Still, filmmaking was his real thrill.

"The biggest edge I live on is directing. That's the most scary, dangerous thing you can do in your life," Scott said in an interview for his 1995 naval adventure "Crimson Tide." "The scariest thing in my life is the first morning of production on all my movies. It's the fear of failing, the loss of face and a sense of guilt that everybody puts their faith in you and not coming through."

Tony was the first of the Scott brothers to enjoy blockbuster success with "Top Gun," starring Tom Cruise, the top-grossing film of 1986 at $176 million. Scott teamed with Cruise again four years later on the hit "Days of Thunder." He also had a sequel to "Top Gun" in development.

But Ridley Scott later managed more and bigger hits than his brother and earned a level of critical respect never achieved by Tony Scott. "Gladiator" won the best-picture Academy Award for 2000 and earned Ridley Scott one of his three best-director nominations; Tony Scott never was in the running for an Oscar, and critics often slammed his movies for emphasizing style over substance.

Even Scott admitted that it was a challenge to infuse drama into some of his scenarios – for example, cars racing in circles in "Days of Thunder." In an interview for that 1990 summer hit, Scott was blunt about where some of the ideas came from.

"I went back and I stole from all race movies to date," Scott said. "I took the better elements, then tried to build on them. Really, the speed, the energy and the placement of the audience inside some of the cars came in the editing room. ...

"I'm always pushing for something new and fresh in the way things are shot, and the rest happens in the editing room. ... The real speed comes from the cutters and what they do with the celluloid."

While Ridley Scott had an auspicious start to his film career with 1977's acclaimed period drama "The Duellists" and 1979's "Alien," Tony Scott bombed with his debut, 1983's supernatural romance "The Hunger," with David Bowie and Catherine Deneuve.

He vaulted into Hollywood's top ranks the next time out, with "Top Gun," followed a year later by "Beverly Hills Cop II," both with producer Jerry Bruckheimer.

The two brothers ran Scott Free Productions and were working jointly on a film called "Killing Lincoln," based on the best seller by Bill O'Reilly. Along with countless commercials, their company produced the CBS dramas "NUMB3RS" and "The Good Wife" as well as a 2011 documentary about the Battle of Gettysburg for the History Channel.

Tony Scott said he gained perspective by mixing things up between film, TV and commercials.

"I like changing the pace of my life, changing my discipline. It gives me ideas for how to see the world differently," Scott said in a 2007 interview.

Besides "Unstoppable," Scott worked with Washington on four other movies: "Crimson Tide," "Man on Fire," Deja Vu" and "The Taking of Pelham 123."

In a tweet Sunday, director Ron Howard said, "No more Tony Scott movies. Tragic day."

Director Jon Favreau tweeted, "Such sad news about Tony Scott. Heartfelt condolences to his family and friends."

Other Scott films include "True Romance," written by Quentin Tarantino, "The Fan," with Robert De Niro, and "Enemy of the State," starring Will Smith.

Scott was married to actress Donna Scott, who appeared in several of her husband's films. They have twin sons.

Completed in 1963, the 6,060-foot Vincent Thomas Bridge links rises 185 feet at its highest point above the Los Angeles Harbor. Many have taken their lives by jumping from the span.

The bridge has been used in many Hollywood productions, among them "Charlie's Angels," "Gone in 60 Seconds" and "The Fast and the Furious."

Linda Mcready

We note another celebrity suicide cleanup involving the trendy Mindy McCready. In Arkansas a resident, McCready died of a single gunshot wound to the head yesterday, February 17, 2013. Noted for drug abuse at an earlier time fans remain and shocked and all over this untimely death. This troubled country singer encountered personal turmoil, which upstaged her singing career.

This celebrity suicide marks Heber Springs, Arkansas's first celebrity suicide of the year. The clay burn County Sheriff's office found the celebrities body at 330 p.m. on an otherwise fine Sunday afternoon. Found on her front porch, body movers moved her to the Arkansas state crime lab for an autopsy. Her death will be probed in any case. Reports are that she was flying in good spirits when her father left in the morning. Her suicide comes as a surprise to her father and the neighborhood. McCready had lost her son's father to an unknown cause of death a little more than a month after her own death. His death is still under investigation and we cannot claim it as a celebrity suicide cleanup situation because we do not know his death was from a suicide. Although he did enjoy some celebrity status in and near

Her songs included these 1990s hit songs hit songs, "Guys Do It All the Time," "Ten Thousand Angels" and "A Girl's Gotta Do (What a Girl's Gotta Do)." she portrayed an all-American girl living a clean up your life. She sold more than 3,000,000 records. She shared a brief engagement with Dean Cain, a TV Superman.

But emotional problems, substance abuse and difficult relationships took their toll.

McCready became depressed following the death of her boyfriend and spend her days sleeping in bed. She abused her son.

Furthermore, McCready's dad claimed his daughter was refusing to bathe, was not taking care of her two young sons, and was acting violently. "Screams about everything," he stated. "Trying to hit father. Is not making any sense of any conversations with anyone."


A celebrity suicide cleanup of this nature should not take much time to cleanup. Even if we assume that the celebrity singer killed herself while on the front porch made of wood, the wood would react quickly to blood cleanup restoration efforts. It is no different for a celebrity suicide cleanup and for any other suicide cleanup. Therefore, I see this suicide cleanup costing no more than seven or 800 dollars. It should take note no more than 2 to 3 hours at the most.


Need help? In the U.S., call 1-800-273-8255 for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

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